Rio Culebra Cooperative
CHICOS corn, maiz de concho, is made from hand-processed white corn, roasted in a traditional earth oven, and dried and shucked by hand. Chicos is listed on the Slow Food Ark as an endangered regional variety that uses an endangered technique of preparation.
HABA beans are planted by hand as they have been for generations. Cooked in stews and in soups with beef, pork, or lamb, they have a delicious taste and are good source protein
BOLITA beans have been cultivated by the Rio Culebra farmers since the 1850's. These delicious specialty beans are favored by chefs for their creamy texture and high nutrition value.
Heirloom Crops
Since the 1850's the farmers of San Luis, Colorado have been growing heritage corn and beans on their farms and ranches in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Many of our Cooperative members are descendents of Colorado's first Hispano settlers who migrated north from Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. They brought with them their unique food culture, heirloom seeds, and a tradition of community-based sustainable farming and ranching practices.

Today, you can enjoy the tradition and delicious flavor of these heirloom products grown by our Colorado farmers. These heirloom crops have adapted to the high elevation of 8,000+ feet and short growing season.

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